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Parsha Mitzvot: Shemot: Principles of Faith

Many of the Thirteen Principle of Faith are tied in to the ideas taught in Concepts 9 & 10. Number one, that there is an idea of prophecy; that God speaks to human beings. Two, that Moshe Rabbeinu is a prophet different from all other prophets: All other prophets heard their prophecies in dreams, Moshe Rabbeinu heard his prophecies when he was awake; all other prophets lost all their strength when receiving a prophecy, Moshe Rabbeinu did not lose any physical strength in the experience; all other prophets would receive a prophecy only when God chose to speak with them, Moshe was able to initiate a conversation with God.

The sixth Principle of Faith is prophecy, seventh is the difference of Moshe’s prophecy, about which we pointed out three major differences. The Divinity of Torah is the eighth of the Thirteen Principles of Faith, and the ninth is the uniqueness of Torah; there can never be another Torah.

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