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Morning Blessings-Shemot-Modeh Ani-Chemlah

“She opened it and saw him, the child, and behold! A youth was crying. She took pity on him and said, ‘This is one of the Hebrew boys’ (Exodus 2:6).” “She took pity on him,” “vaTachmol alav,” Chemlah is different from Chusah and Rachamim.


Chemlah is to see something as so precious, beautiful and good that one only wants to care for it and protect it. The other terms are simply an emotional response to another person. They are not necessarily a response to the greatness or value of the other. (Malbim)

“I gratefully thank You, Living and eternal King, for You have returned my soul with in me with compassion; abundant is Your faithfulness!”

“You have returned my soul with in me with compassion,” B’Chemlah, as taught above, as an expression of God seeing us as being precious, good, beautiful, and deserving of His Chemlah.

We are not only thanking God for restoring our souls, we are expressing our overwhelming gratitude for the fact that He sees us at our best; as magnificent beings deserving of the gift of our soul.

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