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Shemini: Rav Yaakov Kossover: “For This!”

The 19th of Adar is the Yahrtzeit of Rav Yaakov Shimshon (ben Chaim) of Kossov (1880). “Moshe said to Aharon; Come near to the Altar and perform the service of your sin offering and your elevation offering (Vayikra 9:7). ” Rashi comments that Aharon was overawed and ashamed to approach the Altar because of his role in making the Golden Calf.  Moshe encouraged him, saying, “Why are you ashamed? It is for this that you have been chosen!”


Moshe was saying, “You were chosen for “This,” that you should be embarrassed, and then embarrassed again that you were chosen, for this is the fixing of your participation in the Golden Calf. (Ahavat Shalom)

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