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Shemah: Zohar: Unification

“Hear, Israel,” Rabbi Yessa said, this is the patriarch, Israel. Rabbi Yitzchak said, “Israel” here has the same meaning as “Heavens” in the verses, “Hear O heavens (Isaiah 1:2),” and “Give ear, O heavens (Devarim 32:1).” The “God” here indicates the starting point of all, in the radiance of the Holy Ancient One, and this is what is called, “Abba.”


“Our Lord,” is the deep source of the streams and fountains that flow forth to all.

“God,” is the body of the Tree, the completion of the roots.

“One,” is the Community of Israel.

All form one Whole linked together without division.

Rabbi Yitzchak learned: The Holy Supernal Chariot consists of the four other compartments united into one, which are put on by the second H. (Zohar III, VaEtchanan 265a)

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