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Shemah: Ramchal: True Communion

In all his doing he will succeed in centering the mind upon the mystery of true communion, until there is poured out upon him a spirit from on high, and the name of the Creator, blessed is He, will abide within him as it does with all holy beings.


He will then literally become an angel of God. With the help of God his soul will become strong and will be able to conquer all corporeal desires. It will cleave to the holiness of God, blessed is He, and thus be rendered perfect. Then it will rise to still greater heights, and will be endowed with Ruach haKodesh. Then will his power of comprehension exceed mortal limitations. In his communion with God he will attain such excellence that he will be entrusted with the power of resurrection, as were Elijah and Elisha. (Ramchal, Messilat Yesharim)

Review this paragraph before reciting the Shemah with the intention of setting this lofty state as your goal.

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