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Shemah: Divrei Binah: Ma’ariv: Arrogance

“Who led us upon the heights of our enemies and raised our pride above all who hate us.” The main intention of the Egyptians was to corrupt Israel with arrogance: “See how concerned the Egyptians are with our numbers and power!” Once the poison of arrogance would enter our souls, we would lose the Divine Presence. God helped us shatter that specific Evil Inclination so that we could merit redemption. Only then did we discover that our true “Honor” derives from the Divine Presence, and will protect ourselves from arrogance. (Divrei Binah – Bechukotai)


This is a good place to pray for God’s help in overcoming arrogance.

The Divrei Binah is reminding us that part of our enemy’s strategy when they accuse the Jews of running the world is to make us arrogant and thereby forfeit the Divine Presence.

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