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What is the Reason-Shekalim-Wealth

I recently heard in a Shekalim lecture about money, that there is a difference between wealth that “Comes from the Right,” and that which comes, “From the Left.” Is there such a difference? What is it? I also heard that it is possible for Tzedaka money to stink. Is there such an idea? The speaker who mentioned these ideas also made quick reference to a doctor paying attention to different types of wealth. When I asked him for his sources, he said that they all came from you. K.F.


Rav Itamar of Konsekvelli taught that the difference is, that wealth that, “comes from the Right,” is expressed by the humility of the wealthy person.

The Me’or Einayim (Matot) teaches that a person who has the spiritual sense of smell and uses the eye of his intellect rather than his physical eyes, is able to look at coins offered to charity and will see and smell those coins that were offered by someone who resented sharing his money. The heart of the miser is still connected to his coin, and by using that specific coin to give directly to a poor person in a way that it will expand the recipient’s heart, the heart of the miserly giver will be influenced.

Rabbi Yechiel haRofeh taught that before a physician examines a patient he should not worry whether the person has monetary wealth to pay for his services, but should 1st determine whether the patient has, “the wealth of a good soul.” He taught that a person with a good soul will be easily healed.

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