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Shekalim 5 : Divisions

The mystical dimension of the atonement by means of a “half” shekel was to parallel the attempt to divide between what the people had seen – the fire of Sinai – and what they heard – the thunder and God’s voice – at Mt. Sinai. The sin of the Golden Calf was  that they related incorrectly to the two phenomena they had seen at Mt. Sinai. The root of the sin of the Golden Calf episode was doubting or undermining the Unity of God, His indivisible nature, in spite of the manifold ways in which He manifested Himself. We divided what was whole. The Half, or broken, Shekel, symbolizes that division. Seeing that the sin involved one of the Ten Commandments it was appropriate that the act of atonement would be performed by a coin worth ten “Geira”. (Rabbeinu Bachya; Exodus 30:13)


ToolsThe Avodah – Spiritual Work – of this week is to identify the areas where we disconnect the different parts of our Service of God. We must search for consistency. (Machberes Avodas Hashem)

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