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Morning Blessings: Sh’asa Li Kol Tzorki: Process & Retrospect

In the Morning Blessings, we thank God “Who has provided me with all my needs”. The ‘asa’ is in the past tense as opposed to most of the other blessings which are in the present tense.

One of the reasons for this might be that it easier for us to recognize in retrospect how God has provided for us in the past. It is sometimes difficult for us to see in our present situation, especially if one is going through hardship, how God is providing for us at this very moment with everything we need.

However, I don’t believe that this is a magical formula; that once we are past a hurdle, we suddenly have the clear realization that: “Wow! God was really taking care of me this whole time!”

It is the result of a process. In Nusach S’fard, the blessing that precedes this one is: “Hameichin mitsadei gaver”, “Who establishes, or prepares, the footsteps of man”.
If as we are engaged in the journey itself, we have the awareness that God is guiding our every step towards a specific purpose, that although we might not understand it fully, the process itself is necessary and is orchestrated by God, then we can look back and exclaim: “You have provided me with all my needs!”

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