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Shavuot Hallel Paragraph Three

“Those who make them should become like them.” (Psalm 115:8) Anyone who trusts in the power of a false god will be punished by becoming like them (empty and powerless). How do we know? “Those who make them should become like them.” The Sages say that anyone who relies on a false god manufactured by humans, even his breath is sinful, as the verse says, “(Do not rely on nobles,)Nor on a human being for he holds no salvation,” (Psalm 146) What does it say immediately after? “When his spirit departs he returns to his earth.” – Devarim Rabbah 5


Our relationship with God, based on and nourished by the Torah is what gives meaning to all we do. Otherwise everything we do is considered empty and meaningless. Torah empowers every detail of our being, even our breath. Sing this paragraph as an expression of gratitude for the meaning we have in our lives, and for our ability to make even our breath holy.

Use this paragraph as an opportunity to experience tangible meaning in all of your service of God.

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