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Shavuot: B’nei Yisaschar: The Voice of Torah

The verse “These words God spoke unto all your assembly on the mountain with a great voice, and it went on no more (Devarim 5:19),” is translated in the Targum as “and it went on without end.” The meaning of this is that man ought to reflect upon that “great divine voice” with a sense of wholeness and with love for the Torah. This promotes enough understanding of the laws, even at the simple level. This will make it possible for “new Torah” also, to issue from him.


However, one who makes no effort to gain understanding of the Torah and its laws in depth will achieve neither perception of the mysteries of the Torah nor inspiration of the Holy Spirit. For man cannot be cleansed from his earthliness. except through profound understanding of halachah in accordance with the truth of Torah.

This is the Voice of the Sinaitic words,” because of which and in which are given the most recondite and unfathomable secrets. (Rabbi Tzvi Elimelech of Dinov; B’Nei Yisaschar, Sivan, Lacture 5, Ma’alat haTorah 7)

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