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Sharing My Pie

“My dear one,” said the dying woman to her grieving grandson who refused to let go, “I am complete, my life has been full and whole. I know you must see me not being full of much life anymore, but I assure you, I have brought much life to my journey. We are like a pie: we give a piece to our parents, we give a piece to our loves, we give a piece to our children, and we give a piece to our careers. At the end of life, some people have not saved a piece for themselves – and don’t even know what kind of pie they were. I know what kind of pie I am; this is something we each find for ourselves. I can leave this life knowing who I am.”

“You shall love God, your Lord, with all your hear, with all your soul, and with all you resources.” (Deuteronomy 6:5) God doesn’t want a piece of the pie. He wants the whole pie, but it must come from one who knows exactly what kind of pie he or she is.

God doesn’t ask us to hand over the pie. He asks us to use every slice of the pie to express our love for Him. The slice we give our parents must reflect that love. The slice we give our loves must express our love for Him, as too the slices we give our children and our careers.

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