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Shalom Aleichem: A Transcendant Peek

Every seven days we have the opportunity to transcend from our daily routine to a place beyond time: the passing from our daily life, what we consider “real” onto Shabbat.  Shabbat comes whether

we make ourselves recipients of its influence or not. It’s almost like a merry-go-round in which it will turn its magic regardless of our stepping into it or not. We have the chance to step into it or remain in what again, we call reality.

Stepping into Shabbat is acquiring a different perspective altogether, the perspective of understanding that what we believe is real, is really not. Once we acquire that the ability to understand that we misunderstand “reality”, then we are able to enter into the Shabbat dimension.

Shabbat is a peek into the Garden of Eden, a Garden in Time, and it’s exactly the ability to peek onto this garden that is the eye opener that allows us to interact with angels.

Once we experience transcending this dimension, no boundaries apply. When we receive angels onto our homes and we feel perfectly comfortable, then we can say we are people who can relate to angels, people who feels comfortable in both worlds, people who have undertaken the challenge of living life without physical boundaries.

My blessing to all is that next time you sing Shalom Aleichem, you step into the magical merry-go round and make those angels feel at home and received by you, family and friends.

Don’t miss the ride, there is nothing better than to experience no boundaries!!!

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