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Shalom Aleichem: Sefat Emet: Upper & Lower Worlds

We say in the Friday evening prayers; “Who spreads a Succah of Peace over us.” This Succah of Peace is what makes us whole, as in Shaleim, for everything has a spiritual root in the Highest heavens, as the Midrash (Bereishit Rabbah 10:7) teaches, “There is not even a single blade of grass without a root in the heavens.”

This is derived from the splitting of the waters on the second day, “And the Lord separated between the waters below the firmament and the waters below the firmament.” The Tikkunei Zohar (#5) describes the Lower waters weeping, “We desire to be above, right before the King!” We do not know what happened with the waters above the firmament.

The angels are the second part of each and every creation that is below the firmament. All things on the lower world are lacking Shleimut, until they can connect with their roots in the heavens.

On Shabbat, special angels are sent so that everything on the Lower Worlds can connect with their roots and become Shaleim – A Succah of Shleimut.

The Angels connect us so that we can rise above time and space and achieve great spiritual growth, for the Highest Root is the Root of Shabbat, which is Infinite as it is directly connected with the Creator. (Sefat Emet Bereishit 5641)

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