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Shalom Aleichem: Na’aseh V’Nishma

When Israel said “Na’aseh V’nishma” and stated their willingness to Do, before Hearing, 600,000 angels flew down from heaven and tied two crowns to the head of each Jew: One for Na’aseh and one for Nishma. Once we sinned with the Golden Calf, we lost our crowns.
God will restore our Crowns in the World to Come. Shabbat is a taste of the World to Come, and the Angels that enter our home, carry our crowns, prepared to give them to us  if we take full advantage of the taste of Shabbat.

When the evil angel answers Amen, he is transformed into a Ministering Angel , and joins the Angels that place their hands on our heads as we say Vayichulu and bless us that we be cleansed of all our sins. The Two Angels correspond one to Na’aseh and one to Nishma. (Imrei Emet)

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