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Shalom Aleichem: Angel Food

The Sages (Yalkut Bereishit 82) state that the Jewish people enjoyed the manna in the merit of Abraham feeding bread to the angels who visited his home. This is an allusion to the intimate

relationship existing between the Children of Israel on earth and the angels in heaven. Just as Abraham attained a spiritual level so exalted that even the angels could partake of his bread, so too his descendants could benefit from the manna, which was originally the sustenance of angels (Sfas Emes Beshalach 5662).

When we usher the angels in by singing Shalom Aleichem, we may ask ourselves; what common sustenance can we share with them?

“Sabe’einu mituvecha”, “Satisfy us with Your Best” (Shabbat prayer). There is one sort of nourishment that transcends what usually separates us from angels; nourishment that allows us to taste the Divine and experience a sense of satisfaction from our meeting with the Infinite.

When the angels enter our homes and look at our table, they want to see a table set with vessels that are ready to accept such ‘food’.

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