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Shabbat & The Mishkan

The commandments of the Mishkan are introduced with yet another exhortation to observe the Shabbat. Rashi explains that this was to inform the nation that despite the transcendent importance of the Mishkan, it may not be built on the Shabbat.

My Rebbi, Rabbi Yochanan Zweig, asked why. Why may we not build the Mishkan on Shabbat?

Would it not make sense to use the Holiest day of the week to perform our holiest work? Should we not use every possible Mitzvah on Shabbat?

Rabbi Zweig explains that the Mitzvot that are specific to the other days of the week serve the purpose of directing our independence in a manner that can bridge the distance between independent human beings and their Creator.

However, Shabbat, which also means to return, is a time when we do not need to bridge the gap created by our independence. The very nature of the day repairs any faults in the relationship.

And there’s more.

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