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Shabbat Psalm 92:8: Leaves & Grass

“When the wicked boom like grass, and all the evildoers blossom; it is so that they may be destroyed forever (Psalms 92:8).” We can look at nature and see that with so many things that grow there is an abundance of leaves and grass, things that are not necessary for themselves, but only for the benefit of the fruit or the crop that is growing. When the fruit right bins, or when the crop is ready; the extra leaves and grass often fade and die. This is also true of the wicked; they increase and they seem to rise over the righteous, the fruit or the crop, but in doing so they cause that the righteous will be able to draw closer to God so that He will save them from the wicked. This is the entire purpose of their creation, God desires the prayers of the righteous (Yevamot 64a). Once the righteous pray, there is no longer a need for the wicked and they will be destroyed forever. (Toldot Yaakov Yosef, Shelach #2)


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