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Shabbat Psalm: 92:6-7

“How great our Your deeds, God; exceedingly profound all our Your thoughts. A boor cannot know, nor can a fool understand this (Psalms 92:6–7).” “That You have created all the worlds, does not astound me. What does? What makes me say, “How great are Your deeds?” That it is possible for a person to be so dull-witted that he, cannot know, or such a fool, that he can not understand that it is You who created the world, sustains it, and guides it. I am even more astounded that You created such people!” (Kedushat Levi – Shemot)


Reb Levi Yitzchak, the great advocate for the Jewish People, is arguing before God, “You cannot blame the boor or the fool; You created them!”

All of us have moments of boorishness and foolishness. Hopefully, we are able to catch ourselves in such moments. We should not beat ourselves over the head for such moments, but rather argue, as did Reb Levi Yitzchak, that, “You created us with that possibility!”

If we find ourselves in the middle of Shabbat having lost our awareness of the unique opportunity of the day, we should simply turn to God and say, “You created the possibility of such foolish moments. I choose now to focus instead on, ‘How great our Your deeds, God; exceedingly profound all Your thoughts.’”

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