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Shabbat Prayers-Shemot-Psalm 34

Pharaoh heard about this matter and sought to kill Moses; so Moses fled from before Pharaoh and settled in the land of Midian. He sat by a well (Exodus 2:15).” According to the Chapters of Rabbi Eliezer (chapter 29), this verse inspired David to try and flee from King Saul (I Samuel 19:12). Moreover, this is also why God told Elijah, who was upset that he had to run for his life from the threats of Jezebel (I Kings 19:2–3), that he was not superior to Moses or David, each of whom had to flee from their homeland at times in order to save their lives. (Rabbeinu Bachya)


“Of David: When he disguised his sanity before Abimelech who drove him out and he left (Psalms 34:1).” David did not run only to save his life; he ran because he learned from Moses who had run for his life. Therefore, when we sing this Psalm on Shabbat morning, the Psalm David composed while on the run, we must understand that he is not only singing because God saved his life; he is singing because he was able to learn lessons from the Torah that taught him how to save his life. (See, “Mishlei-Wisdom for Religion.)

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