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Shabbat Prayers-Rashbi-vaYichulu: Heaven & Earth

“And were finished,” implying that all the work which was to be done, both Above and Below, was finished. “The heaven and the earth,” Above and Below. Rabbi Sshimon said, “These words designate the general fabric of the Written Torah, and the general fabric of the Oral Torah. The words, “and all their hosts,” designate the details of the Torah; the seventy alternative explanations of the Torah, while the words, “and they were completed,” imply that the two Torahs are complementary to one another.


Or again, “heaven and earth,” may be interpreted as the general and the particular, and, “all their hosts,” as the inner meanings of the Torah, it’s rules concerning clean and unclean etc.

“And God finished by means of the seventh day,” refers to the Oral Torah, which is urge ‘seventh day,’ and through which the world was completed and the whole is preserved.

“His work that He had made,” but not the whole of His work, because it was the Written Torah that produced the Whole through the power of the Writing which issued from Wisdom.

“The words, “on the seventh day,” are used here three times.

The first is the Oral Torah, because with this ‘seventh day’ the world was completed, as we have said.

The second refers to the Foundation of the world; the chief source of rest and contentment.

The third refers to the Kohen Gadol. (Zohar I, Bereishit 47b)

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