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Shabbat Prayer-Pekudei-Pesukei d’Zimrah

The world view of the divine inherent in the heart of every Jew will become apparent to all in the hereafter, when the world will be renewed and emerge from its cursed state, when illumination will flow freely, without any blemish, is in truth the Jewish world view even now. But the world is not accustomed to it because it is too advanced in time. It persists only through the mighty force of the authentic faith that becomes manifest in some exalted event, even if without clear understanding. The heart senses it with a sensibility that is very delicate and hidden from the naked eye.


The great multitude, whose natural sense is independently strong, is attached to it with a firm faith and is nourished by it with a vigorous life. People of global understanding taste at all times tidbits of the sweetness of that higher delight to be disseminated by the universal enlightenment of the future.

This is the delight of the Lord that is sought in every quest for holiness, as formulated in the prayer of Moses when the Tabernacle was completed: “May the pleasantness of the Lord be upon us, and may You establish the work of our hands; the work of our hands; may You establish it (Psalms 9:15).” (Midot HaRayah, Faith #11)

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