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Shabbat Prayer-Friday Night Amidah-Rav Kook

The perception that dawns on a person to see the world not as finished, but as in the process of continued becoming, ascending, developing; this changes him from being “under the sun,” to being, “above the Sun,” from the place where there is nothing new to the place where there is nothing old, where everything takes on a new form. The joy of heaven and Earth abides in him as on the day they were created.


In this luminous perspective one looks at all the worlds, at the general and the human development, at the destiny of each creature, at all the events of all times.

The time that is an interrupted Shabbat on which eternal peace shines, is the day when, by the nature of its creation, there pulsates a continued thrust for the new. It needs no end, no termination. It is the choicest of days, and ornament of beauty, the source of all blessings. (Orot Kedushah, II, Pages 535)

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