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Shabbat HaGadol-Running in Greatness

Man consists of matter and form, body and soul. The soul constantly has a burning desire to attach itself to God. It is enveloped by a physical body, however, which acts as a barrier to such attachment. Man’s physical self desires such material things as sex and food. These things, however, are also required on high, in order to accomplish such things as the separation and elevation of the Sparks.


There are certain times, however, when forming can completely overwhelming matter, and attach itself to God. This is the mystery of, “The Living Angels ran and returned (Ezekiel 1:14).” There are two levels, Greatness and Smallness. “Running,” alludes to the level of Greatness, where one is totally attached to God, while “returning” refers to Smallness, where one allows the spiritual to rest. (Toledot Yaakov Yosef; Yitro)

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