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Shaar Kivod Hashem: Hallel

The Ist of Kislev is the Yahrtzeit of  Rav Ephraim Alankava, Rav of Telmisan Algeria (on the border with Morocco) and author of Shaar Kevod Hashem (1441). We recite the complete Hallel on Chanukah over the miracle of the candles, which was an open and revealed miracle,  breaking all the natural laws as we know them. (See Sefat Emet on Chanukah; Countdown to Chanukah 24) We do not recite the Hallel on Purim because the miracles did not obviously break all the natural laws.

Hallel is a celebration of God’s Divine Presence – His Divine Providence – lifting us above all the rules of nature. (Sha’ar Kivod Hashem page 65)

When singing Hallel celebrate Divine Providence and how it will shatter all natural laws for the deserving in order to help them thrive and grow.

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