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Seven Levels of Teshuva: Yosef Part Two

This is the first level of Teshuva that affects the entire nation. The previous three functioned vertically, between the person and God. This level functions horizontally. It is not limited to the person doing Teshuva. It impacts everyone.


One person’s Teshuva can bring the Redemption for all.

Practical Steps:

  • Be stricter about praying as part of a congregation. Remember that all the prayers of the congregation accumulate and become more effective.
  • Be stricter about the Mitzvot between one person and another. This is a way to become more attached to others.
  • Give more Tzedaka. Become more active in acts of kindness such as visiting the sick, comforting mourners, and honoring the dead. Express your concern for others so that your Teshuva and prayer can combine with theirs.
  • Do something for the community even if all you can afford is to purchase a new book for your synagogue. Become more active in community affairs.
  • Be stricter with the laws of honoring your parents. Your merit builds on theirs.


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