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Seven Levels of Teshuva: Yitzchak Part Two

We also said that the Divine Throne is also an indication of a place where human beings can go and angels cannot1. We cannot reach that place without Teshuva. We must realize that once we have we have reached a higher place than the angels. We have reached a level of closeness to God that is denied the angels.

This is related to the Talmudic saying2 that “In the place where ba’alei Teshuva stand, even the most righteous cannot stand.” A person who does Teshuva reaches heights that are only possible because of Teshuva. The angels and the righteous cannot reach those heights.

Teshuva reminds a person of the heights he can reach as a human being. Angels may stand closer to God’s Presence but they do not have free choice. They cannot grow and develop. They are what they are forever. We have free choice which means that we have the ability to grow and attach to God in ways that the angels can never reach. We, who have free choice, are in the image of God. The angels are not.

Teshuva is a powerful choice. It is a decision to change myself. It is asserting power over all my actions and decisions. Teshuva is acting in the image of God. That is how it can bring us so close to Him, all the way to His Divine Throne.

Practical Steps:

  1. Keep in mind when saying, “V’karveinu Malkeinu lavodadecha,” “Bring us near, our King, to Your service.” Remember that this means that because of our Teshuva we stand even closer than the angels!
  2. Express your Teshuva as choices. “I choose to no longer do this because I want to be closer to God.”

1 Tanna D’Bei Eliyahu Rabbah, Chapter 31, says that although the angels carry God’s throne they cannot see His Glory.

2 Berachot 34b

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