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Seven Levels of Teshuva: Structural Information

We have explained and demonstrated that the Seven Levels of Teshuva correspond to the Sefirot and to the Seven Shepherds. The structure of the Sefirot is important to the structure and interaction of the Seven Levels of Teshuva.

The Sefirot are structured two ways; one in the natural order of the Sefirot which has Yosef following Moshe and Aharon. The other is the birth order which has Yosef first. We are following the latter structure.

The second set of three Sefirot corresponds to the first set. Therefore the second set of three levels of Teshuva must relate to the first. We will develop the next three as reflections of the first. The structure will be as follows:

Left               Right

Set One

Yitzchak               Avraham

Gevurah                   Chesed

Divine Throne                 Healing

(Fixes Past)              (Future Oriented)



Negative Commandment

(Beyond the System)

Set Two

Aharon                  Moshe

Hod                      Netzach

Sins into Merit               Brings Redemption

(Fixes Past)              (Future Oriented)



Extends Life

(Beyond the System)


King David


Brings Forgiveness to Entire World

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