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Seven Levels of Teshuva: Addendum to Part One

The manner in which Chazal describes chessed seems strange: “ Who is a chassid? Whoever does chessed with his Creator” (Zohar II, 114b). Are we to believe that the kindest person is the one who helps HaShem? How can


this be, when it is written that “The Heavens and the Heavens of the Heavens cannot contain You” (Melachim I, 8:27)? What could a mere mortal possibly offer his Creator?

We have already noted that the primary purpose of Creation was for Hashem to perform chessed with mankind. To this end, He established the universe based on the principle that we can acquire His beneficent influence only by means of prayer and observing His commandments. When we strive to achieve these blessings through prayer, we are thus “performing chessed” with HaShem by “helping” Him, as it were, fulfill His objective of bringing benefit to His creations. (See also Yalkut Shimoni 2:767.) This is the chessed that God’s creations can tender to the One Who continuously sustains us.

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