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Sefer Chareidim: Prayer Skills: 1

Sefer Chareidim (Page 69b): It is only appropriate to serve the king dressed in clothes that honor the occasion. The most important garments for a person who wants to stand before God in prayer are the parts of his body.



The verse in proverbs (Chapter 10) Teaches that “The tongue of a righteous person is like the choicest silver.” Our mouths should be refined in speech. We should not corrupt our mouths with profanity, or speaking negatively of others. We should not speak words of anger, insult or cruelty.

The ten fingers represent the Ten Sephirot.

Our ears should be used to hear words of Torah, learning and prayer. We should perfect our hearing by paying attention to others when they speak to us.

We should use our brains to consider important thoughts, not nonsense. We should consider how to attach to the Creator.

The heart should rejoice in our service of God and be compassionate.

Our feet should run to fulfill the will of our Creator.

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