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Royal Messages: Shattering Shells

“The moon will be humiliated and the sun will be shamed for God, Master of Legions, will have reigned in Mount Zion and in Jerusalem, and there will be honor for His elders.” (Isaiah 24:23)

Rabbi Chaim David Vialli, a student of Rabbeinu Moshe Chaim Luzzatto, explains that we currently see the world with a disconnect between the spiritual and the physical, the Upper and Lower worlds. The disconnect causes “Shells” or interference with God’s Light, which in turn make it more difficult to see God’s Presence with Clarity. When Isaiah speak of Mount Zion and Jerusalem, he is describing a world in which all is connected, and wherever we look, we can shatter the shells – the humiliation of the moon, and the shame of the sun – and appreciate God’s Presence as Unifying all of existence – the Upper and Lower worlds.

Rosh Hashana – The Day of God’s Coronation as King – is our opportunity to see the world as it should be. Our prayers for the success of the righteous, and the destruction of evil, are all intended to allow us to shatter the shells that prevent us from seeing God’s Unified Presence in all of Creation.

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