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Royal Messages: Reign Over The Universe

While this appears to be a simple plea for Hashem to cause His Sovereignty to be accepted by all mankind, it can be interpreted on an individual level as well. The Sages have said that every Jew is an entire world in his own right (cf. Sanhedrin 37a). Thus in this phase each of us is pleading for Hashem to reign over every aspect of his personal world – and this in turn will bring about the fulfillment of the cosmic goal of Hashem’s acceptance by all of mankind.
Conversely, perhaps the reason we plea for Hashem’s rule to be accepted by all mankind is to make our own commitments to His service as complete as possible. As long as any one of Hashem’s creations – even the least significant or the most wicked of them – does not accept His will, then all of us – even the most righteous – are incapable of reaching our full potential. (Sefat Emet – 5646)

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