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Royal Messages: The Discoverers

Aleph: “Aftach Peh Lashon” – “I will open the mouth to speak.” The Holy One, Blessed is He, said, :I will open the mouths of human being to speak My praises each day and to declare Me as King over the four directions, for, if not for the songs and praises they voice every day, I would not have created My world.” (The Letters According To Rabbi Akiva I)

Our job is to appreciate every detail of God’s creation and transform it into praise for Him. God created the world in such a way that we can constantly discover expressions of His majesty and Glory and attach ourselves to Him.

God judges all of creation on Rosh Hashanah. Part of that judgment is how well we discover His Presence in Creation and turn it into praise. Each time we look at a detail of creation and see an expression of God we are declaring Him as King.

How well have we observed His creation over the past year? Have we been true discoverers?

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