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Royal Messages: At The Top Of Creation

When Adam was created he appeared to the rest of creation as a Lord. The others creations were in awe and they came to bow to, and worship him. He said to them: “Rather than you bowing to me, join me and we will clothe ourselves in glory and then we will declare God as King over all of creation.”
(Chapters of Rabbi Eliezer, Chapter 11)

We see that there were steps before creation could declare God as King: Adam first had to appreciate his primal role in creation, and acknowledge that despite his great role, he was not king. He then had to invite the rest of creation to join him. Everyone and everything had to then clothe themselves with dignity, and only then, could they declare God as King.

On Rosh Hashana, when we pray for all of creation we recall the moment when Adam saw the rest of creation coming to him as a source of great power.

But that is not what we want. Our goal is to invite all of creation to join us in the coronation of Rosh Hashanah.

We must clothe ourselves in dignity, not as broken sinners, but as expressions of royalty, before we can successfully declare God as King.

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