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Rosh Hashana: What Is My Name?

Much happened on this the first day of Adam’s life, the day we celebrate today.  God brought all the animals to Adam for this new human to name. The Midrash teaches that when God saw how Adam used the Light of the new creation to see the essence of the animals and perfectly name them, He asked Adam, “What is My name?” God wanted to know how His creation perceived the Creator, how Adam would name God.

We, too, are challenged on this day with the same question: “What is My name?”  How do you perceive me?  We focus on God’s attributes, His power, His love for us, so that when we answer God’s question it will be an answer of infinite love and connection.
1.    Pay attention to all the descriptions of God listed in our prayers. Focus on what and How you can express your love for the Creator.

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