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Rosh Hashana: Welcome To My World

Today is the birthday of Adam and Eve. We return to the time of joy, before the sin of eating from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.  We reach back to a time when all was good.  Rosh Hashana is the equivalent of the extraordinary moments when parents hold their newborn in their arms. It is a time when all is perfect. The new parents do not think of all the challenges that lie in store for them. They are not focused on the enormous expenses entailed in raising a child. They are able to forget all the worrying that is to come, all the problems in raising a child. They are simply focused on the absolute joy of infinite potential that is this new human being. This is the time of Adam and Eve filled with all the potential of humanity. Rosh Hashana is a celebration of the time when the world was fresh and unsullied. Ii is our opportunity to attach to that moment and approach God focused only on the possibilities of life. Rosh Hashana is a celebration of our potential.

1.    Pray as if you lived in a perfect world.
2.    Focus on praying for the potential to accomplish great things over the coming year.
3.    Attach to God’s joy celebrating the creation.

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