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Rosh Hashana: Shofar: Kavanot

Review of Kavanot for Shofar – Please Note: Use a different Kavanah for each set of sounds. The sounds of the Shofar awaken the 3 lower levels of the Higher Soul in descending order.

It first brings fear from a distance and then it makes it more accessible to the lower levels of the Higher Soul. (page 8)

The Shofar is our song of praise to God. (page 10)

The Shofar is our expression of Simcha and Sasson.(page 10)

The Shofar reminds us to use this world for constant growth; to attach to the World to Come. (page 10)

The sound of the Shofar will be our expression of Simcha over constant new growth. (page 11)

The sound of the Shofar will be our exultation over the raising of the Yesharim. (page 11)

The sound of the Shofar will be our celebration over our redemption and the destruction of our enemies. (page 12)

The sound of the Shofar will be the arrival of the Presence of God and will silence the wicked. (page 12)

The Shofar announces the revelation of truth and will cause the resha’im to be consumed like smoke. (page 13)

The Shofar announces the full revelation of God and the destruction of His enemies. (page 13)

As it will be when Moshiach blows his shofar.

As it was at Mt. Sinai.

Shofar of Mt. Sinai and Moshiach


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