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Rosh Hashana Prayers: First Blessing After Shema: First Night

Preparation for Malchuyot: “And His Kingship they accepted upon themselves willingly.
Moses and the Children of Israel raised their voices to You in song with abundant gladness
and said unanimously:

Who is like You among the heavenly power, God!
Who is like You, mighty in holiness, too awesome for praise, doing wonders!

Your children beheld Your Kingship as You split the sea before Moses:

This is my Lord! They exclaimed.

Then, they said,
“God shall reign for all eternity!”

This is the first declaration of our participation in the Rosh Hashana Coronation of God as King.

This important stage also proceeds through a number of steps:

  1. Accepting God Kingship,
  2. With total will.
  3. Sing of His Kingship with gladness.
  4. Sing as part of the community.
  5. We declare: “Who can be compared to You – The Source of All-Power!”
  6. We declare: “Who can be compared to You, Who empowers us to connect the Upper & Lower Worlds,”
  7. We declare, “There are no words to express Your praise.”
  8. We declare, “You constantly do wonders.”
  9. At this point, the Children of Israel at the Sea, and we in our prayers, “Behold God’s Kingship” on a new level.
  10. We can now point to His Creation and declare: “All of this is an expression of My Lord!”
  11. “God shall reign for all eternity.”

I intend to participate in Your Coronation by emulating the steps of Moses and the Children of Israel at the Song of the Sea.

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