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Hallel: Rosh Chodesh Iyar: Approaching Again: Paragraph Five

“All you nations; Praise God!


compliments, all you peoples!



For His kindness overpowers us, and God’s Truth is forever.



The same people who experienced the greatest miracles in history were convinced that all people are capable of perceiving God’s Kindness and Truth:

“Go outside at midnight in the footsteps of the men of renown,

Upon their lips are praises;

They embody neither guile nor extortion.

Their nights are devoted to prayers;

Their days to fasts.

Their hearts are pathways to God. There are places for them in His throne.

Their way: a ladder upon which to ascend to God, our Lord.”

(Rabbi Yehudah haLevi, “The Ladder of Ascent.”

How can we find this same level of awareness?

“The disciples of Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai asked him: Why could the Manna not have fallen just once a year?

“He replied: I will give you an example. If a mortal king has a son, and gives him his needs once a year, the son then only sees his father that one time. But if he gives him his needs each day, then the child sees his father every day.

“The same is true of the Israelites. He has four or five children, and worries, “Maybe the Manna will not descend tomorrow, and they will all die of starvation.” He therefore directed his heart to his Father in Heaven each day. (Yoma 76a)”

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