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Amidah: Review of Kedusha: Connecting

Transcribed and prepared by Chava Janovsky: That which is below can reach above and we can take that which is above and it can be brought below.


Why 3 kadoshes –

  1. 1st Kadosh: “Kasheis B’Shmai…” Hashem’s Schechina is above –1st kadosh, is referring to the Shechina in the highest worlds
  2. 2nd Kadosh: Although the Shechina is in the highest worlds, we know that we can bring the Shechina down below because we can make a Mishkan, a Beis Hamikdash, and we can experience the Shechina. This idea is especially true according to Rambam who defines the Shechina as hashgaca pratis; therefore we can bring Schechina down and this is what is referred to by the second kadosh
  3. 3rd Kadosh: kedusha are boundaries that are permeable for those who learn how to cross between the boundaries; this is what is referred to by the third kadosh.

So, to review:

We start with celebrating human potential. Then we experience the frustration of not being able to experience that potential so we are empowered with second bracha. So there are 3 steps: We are aware that:

  1. We have tremendous moments of high, of inspiration, of awareness, and of being able to touch different worlds above.
  2. We also have moments and of being frustrated by ourselves and our circumstances .
  3. Then we celebrate that these boundaries that are permeable exist. So then we can reach and rise up to shayamayim and can bring what is from shayamayim down to ourselves.

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