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Amidah: Review of Gevurah: Empowerment

Transcribed and prepared by Chava Janovsky: Basically, we come from the first bracha aware of our potential of being a neshuma. Then we sense the frustration of not believing in ourselves enough to make it a reality that one day Hashem will say “this person has accomplished so much I want to be known by this persons’ name” in the same way known as Elokai Avraham. And we feel the frustration to know that we have a neshuma that can achieve that level. So we are so limited by our own self perception that at that moment we are ready for the second bracha of resurrection which is empowerment; this is why Chazzal call it gevourah. Therefore we are hoping for the gift of re-life from Hashem so can access what we are celebrating in first bracha.


If we can, then the boundaries that exist for people (most people define kedusha as boundaries but as we previously explained this not an accurate translation), then we begin to understand the components of the bracha of Kedusha.

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