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Reflection of Israel

“Go, Moshe, and say comforting words to the people; “God speaks to me only in your merit’. This is why we find that God did not speak to Moshe for the 38 years that Israel was in the desert waiting to die.”

I believe that this Rashi is based on a compelling idea discussed in the Talmud, (Sanhedrin 89a), based on a verse in Amos (3:7) “Only if He revealed His secret to His servants, the prophets.” The Talmud teaches that a prophecy is actually revealed to all prophets. However, only one prophet is assigned to deliver the message.

This is true of all prophecies except those of Moshe. He perceived God’s communications through an “Aspaklaria Hameira” – a clear lens. Moshe’s prophecies were unique to him.

Rabbi Yaakov Moshe Charlap, the closest student-friend to Rav Kook, explains that a prophecy is a reflection of the entire nation. The people as a whole reflect a truth. The true prophet simply has the clarity to perceive this truth. Hence, all prophets can observe and understand the message.

If only Moshe, not even Aaron, could hear God calling, perhaps that calling was not a reflection of Israel. Perhaps there is a disconnect between Israel and Moshe’s prophecies.
Therefore, Moshe must tell them, “God speaks to me only in your merit.” Each time that God calls to me, He calls out in your merit.

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