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Amidah: Refaeinu: Chovot Halevavot: Healing Wisdom

The less knowledgeable you are, however, the more persuasive will be the evil inclination, the more definitive will be its victory, and the more intensely will it control and surround you outside and in by confronting you intellectually and overtaking you with proofs that will then sit well with you. And when it finally persuades you, it will take over your reason and use it to help itself, simply because you depended on it when you fell into doubt and trusted it, and did not understand what it was doing.


When it finally holds complete sway over you and controls you by means of your reason, the evil inclination will transport you, step by step, from a level close to truth by concealing a little untruth, to one where all truth is hidden; the level of complete untruth.

It will uproot you, cast you away from all reward in the World to Come, and it will have your wisdom work against you and cause your ruin. As the verse says, “Woe to them who are sages in their own eyes and men of understanding in their own site (Isaiah 5:21),” “Behold, they have grown disgusted with the word of God. So what wisdom have they (Jeremiah 8:9)?” “For God’s ways are right in the righteous walk in them, while transgressors stumble in them (Hosea 14:10).”

It is said that wisdom can cure your in the disease of the heart, mind, soul, and personality, if it is applied correctly, or can itself be an all-encompassing, incurable disease when deviated from. That is why Torah is likened to fire, as it is said, “Are not My words like fire (Jeremiah 23:29)?” It enlightens the eyes. (Duties of the Heart: The Gate of Dedicating Our Actions; Chapter 5; How to Keep Deterrence For Enough Away from You)

When we pray for healing, we ask that the wisdom we will be granted in response to the Fourth Blessing will be such that it can heal us from the spiritual damage caused by the evil inclination.

We pray that our Torah study itself should be healing.

We pray that once we access our Torah as healing, we will have successfully created and environment of healing around us that will allow us to be healed from all forms of disease, spiritual and physical.

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