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Amidah: Refaeinu 3/4/10 Part Nine

Transcribed and prepared by Chava Janovsky: Moshel with Bilaam and Balak There is an astounding thing in this story. Bilaam and Balak brought corbanos and brought them in order to cause damage to Clal Israel. Yet how is Balak rewarded for bringing all these corbanos? He is rewarded in that he is the Grandfather of Rus Hamoavia; she was born as merit for Balak’s bringing korbanos.


What are you crazy? He brings corbanos in order to destroy Clal Israel and he still gets merit to have granddaughter like Rus – grandmother of malchus? It is incredible!

So what’s the reason?

The Meiri says: because the fact that he brought the corban means that he acknowledged that Hashem was in control. All you need to do is acknowledge Hashem is in control and you earn merit just from that.

The is the “ki Kail” you say at the end of everything bracha.

You ask: who am I to ask for the geula?

Because my standing here and saying “Ce Kail hachak ata – “you are the power that is the redeemer.” This statement gives me the right to ask because I believe “ci kail melech ne’eman v’rachaman ata,this belief gives me the right that I ask that:

  • you heal absolutely everyone by giving them the ability to access the refua that already exists, and
  • that you create a world that has a spirit of healing so that we know it can go into the future and know that when we face the problem know there is a refua there already for every problem

That is what we are saying when say ne’eman first

That is what Ashkenaz is saying

That is the “ki kale” of every bracha

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