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Parsha Mitzvot-Re’ei-Mitzvah 480-Concept 188-Neveilah

Transcribed and unedited:  Lo tochlu kol neveilah, this is number 188.  This is in Deuteronomy chapter 14, verse 21.  This is that you are not allowed to eat an animal that was not slaughtered according to halacha.  The animal may have suffered in death, the animal may have been diseased, whatever it is you cannot take advantage of the life of an animal that was not killed according to halacha.


Next.  Oh so here, there is a mitzvah.  Let us say I am slaughtering an animal and I make a mistake when I am slaughtering the animal, the animal is not kosher, what do you do with it?  It is a nevielah.  So you are obligated to give the animal to a non-jew.  In other words you are not allowed to waste the animal, because … so the Torah says immediately lager latoshav give it to someone who lives … a ger toshav is someone who is non jewish who lives in your midst, give it to them.  And do not let it be wasted, because it was a life except that you cannot eat it for it was not shected according to the halachah.  The behag who is the first one to compile a complete list of the 613 commandments, and Rav Sadyah hagaon in the sefer hayiraim say that one of the positive commandments in the Torah is that you must give it to a non-jew. The Rambam does not count that as a mitzvah.  The Rambam simply says that you are not allowed to eat it.  These other authorities count… they have a positive commandment that says that you must give the neveilah to a non-jew.  And that you are not allowed to leave it lying there.

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