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Re’ei: Finding the Joy

“You shall eat there before God, your Lord, and you shall rejoice with your every undertaking, you and your households, as God, your Lord, has blessed you (Deuteronomy 12:7).”


“Serve God with joy (Psalms 100:2).” Those who serve God with love will find joy in all their service, as the verse continues, “with your every undertaking,” for the service of love will automatically lead to great success in all of your undertakings (Rabbeinu Ovadiah Seforno).

I use this teaching as a Kavanah in the blessings of the Shema of the evening when it says, “we will rejoice with the words of the study of Your Torah and with Your commandments for all eternity.” The awareness of the, “Eternal love have You loved the House of Israel, Your nation,” will lead us to respond with love for God, and will add joy to our Torah study, our observance of His mitzvot, and great eternal success in all our undertakings.

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