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A prince became incensed at his son’s conduct and exiled him to an unfriendly country. There he was persecuted as an alien and was granted no opportunity for a livelihood. And ambassador of the Prince reported that his son’s garments were in tatters, and the prince therefore sent him new clothes befitting his status as a prince’s son.


The courtiers of the father then asked him, “If you care enough for your son to send him new clothes, why do not send for him to return?”

The prince replied, “It is known to me that my son is still rebellious against my authority; therefore I cannot send for him as yet. But if I were indifferent to his need for new clothes, some kind person might donate to him clothing of the style and pattern worn in the country of his exile. Then my son would become assimilated and forget that he is still in exile.”

From this we learn that when we Jews forget we are a unique people and wish to assimilate, our Father causes events to occur which remind us we are still in Exile. (Dubner Maggid)

We are taught that we merited redemption from Egypt because we did not lose our sense of identity. We can therefore say to God, especially on Pesach when we change everything in our home to live as His children, “We are prepared to be redeemed!”

Haggadah: Closing Blessing of Maggid-Second Cup-Redeemer of Israel

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