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Reb Tzaddok: Terumah – The Map of The World

Why was Betzalel chosen as the master architecht of the Mishkan? God chose him because he understood the wisdom of the letters of the Aleph-Bet and how God used them to create the

world. HaGaon HaRav Tzadok HaKohen of Lublin zt”l writes (Tzidkas HaTzaddik 90). “The Torah is the map of the world . . . and so is Yisroel (since they and the Torah are one. This is because we know that the illumination of Jewish souls is the illumination of the Torah, as it is said that Yisroel is an acrostic: Yesh Shishim
Riboh Osios LaTorah [there are six hundred thousand letters to the Torah]).

The Jews in each generation, therefore, comprise the current map of the world. New phenomena in the Jewish nation in any generation will create corresponding new phenomena in the structure of the world.”

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