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Raza DiShabbat: The Eternity of Tomorrow

The 27th of Iyar is the Yahrtzeit of Rav Eliezer (or Elazar) Ze’ev Rosenbaum of Kretchenif (Kretshnif)(1944).Author of Raza D’Shabbos, and son of Rabbi Meir of Kretshniff. Towards the end of the First World War he moved to Sziget. During World War 2, he was deported from Sziget to Auschwitz.

;“And God said to Moses, ‘Go to the nation and sanctify them today and tomorrow.” We know that the Holy Torah is eternal and every moment stirs the same type of Divine Influence as was stirred in that moment in the Torah. As it says in the holy book, Divrei Yechezkail, “Their salvation was eternal,” the influence of each salvation eternally shines at that same moment. So too, the righteous are able to see the sounds and the lightining that accompanied Revelation at Sinai, each year on Shavuot.

This then is the meaning of “Today and tomorrow,” it refers to the “tomorrow” of eternity, “Sanctify them today so that they can experience this even “tomorrow,” eternally into the future.

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