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Pesukei d’Zimra: Rav Yaakov Emden: Psalm of Thanksgiving

The 30th of Nisan is the Yahrtzeit of Rav Yaakov (ben Tzvi) Emden (1698-1776), known as Yaavetz (Yaakov ben Tzvi), son of the Chacham Tzvi: We recite this Psalm as Birchat haGomeil for all the miracles we receive each day of which we are unaware.


There are four mentions of God’s Name in the Psalm: “Call out to God,” “Serve God with gladness,” “Know that God,” and, “For God is good.” These four mentions correspond to the “Four who must bring a Thanksgiving Offering,” Released from prison, healed from illness, after a journey through the desert, and after a sea voyage. This is also why there were four types of bread in this offering.

One should sing this psalm with the same joy he would have bringing the Thanksgiving Offering.

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